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Measuring pressure using pressure gauges. Measuring pressure using pressure gauges.
The pressure control in both industrial and environmental hydraulic systems is performed by pressure gauges. There are various types of these around including u-tube, Bourdon, Diaphragm and Piezoelectric. These types are designed to show the pressure difference between the external pipe and the [...]

How safety valves work How safety valves work
Every system is equipped with safety valves. This is because, while in use, the sudden evacuation of a certain amount of fluid may be required, to avoid the prompt increase of pressure inside the pipeline. For incompressible flows, “Bernoulli’s principle” determines the use [...]

Stainless steel hoses for domestic use Stainless steel hoses for domestic use
In domestic environments, boilers and heating systems, many of you will have surely noticed the presence of metal hoses covered in a protective casing made of rubber or rigid plastic. These hoses are made of stainless steel, a metal alloy made up of Iron, Carbon, Chrome and traces of Nickel. It [...]

The features of shutoff valves The features of shutoff valves
In the world of work, one of the aspects which should always be taken into account is safety: in working environments, it is necessary to protect workers who often find themselves in situations of hypothetical risk, meaning those capable of compromising their health. For this reason, shutoff [...]

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