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Materials that form heating headers Materials that form heating headers
Heating headers are obtained by plastic deformation of a metal at a temperature higher than the typical recrystallization temperature of that metal. In reality we speak specifically of recrystallization because the microstructural change takes place within a fixed temperature range.  Gnail [...]

Installation groups and their use in gas systems Installation groups and their use in gas systems
In grounding systems consisting a series of gas cylinders it is always a good practice to ensure correct hydraulic connection to have the possibility, without problems, to manage use and fruition. There is a big category of models and systems, each of them with tecnical specifications ofusage, [...]

Management of safety gas valves Management of safety gas valves
Everybody knows about accidents in domestic environments that affect gas leaks caused by multiple types of malfunctions or by a series of incorrect usage procedures. Precisely for this reason, Gnali Bocia has paid great attention to this, trying to get safety valves adaptable in all situations [...]

Pressure preducers in hydraulic systems Pressure preducers in hydraulic systems
A pressure reducer (or a pressure regulator) is a device used in hydraulics that allows manipulation of the downstream pressure and available to the user, independently from the downstream pressure of the plant. Usually, the principle of operation can be mechanical or electronic. Mechanical ones [...]

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