We exclusively use our own resources and technologies, and implement all the processing phases required to produce a range of valves and accessories for thermo-sanitary, domestic and industrial systems. The raw materials, which consist in brass bars and strictly conform to ENI-CEN standards, are subjected to an initial hot forging treatment which is followed by infi nitesimal mechanical processing phases on TRANSFER CNC machines and treatments for surface fi nishing. Following the surface treatments, which consist in nickel coating (when ordering add the letter N after the last number of the article code), most of the assembly operations are performed by automated and robotic processes which also guarantee a high level of productivity and provide stable and constant quality levels in the production batches.
All GNALI BOCIA products are rigorously subjected to a series of tests, during the production phases and before packing, to check the tolerance of the specific features correspond to foreseen standards.
Over ten years of experience together with the recognitions from our clientele, which you welcome to check, allow us to declare
that that our production of Gas and Water system fi ttings off ers the highest standards available on the market, confirmed by the warrantees


• Brass Parts: CW 617 N – CW 614 N

• Maximum working temperature 120°C
• Maximum working pressure 16 bar
rantees and the certifications we have achieved until now.

Available standard, nichel-plated and polished chrome version.