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Types and characteristics of brass hose nozzles
Within the Gnali Bocia catalog there are numerous types of brass hose nozzles which differ on the basis of: - Connection diameter: fundamental characteristic to be defined to allow adequate connection with the pipes of the system in which these components are installed; - Number of outlets: there [...]

Hydraulic fittings and material internal stress
The hydraulic fittings are sealed using gas threads of the conical type, with the addition of a sealing material on the thread. The material used to make these items is brass that has undergone a hot stamping process which, if not carried out correctly, can lead to serious corrosion cracking [...]

The role of a balanced pressure regulator within a system
What is a pressure regulator? The role of the pressure regulators is to reduce the pressure of the gas inside the plants in which it is conveyed, whether it is civil or industrial. In fact, excessive gas pressure can lead to different problems with totally different risks and consequences: - [...]

Methane gas Pipe legislation
Methane gas pipes are fundamental components within the systems and, for this reason, the regulation that concerns them is essential to avoid malfunctions or problems of various kinds. The main legislation dealing with this issue is UNI-CIG 7140, the latest version of which dates back to March [...]

Safety valve and assembly onto the water heater
The valve for the water heater is a fundamental device for this type of application as it allows to reduce waste but, above all, it guarantees a high level of safety both for the systems and for the people who are in the vicinity. It therefore appears evident that it does not only represent an [...]

The manifolds: choice and benefits
Why use a manifold? The choice of a manifold inside a system generally allows to obtain a series of important advantages: • Possibility of creating zone systems: it allows the distinction in more independent systems between them. As far as heating manifolds are concerned, this is [...]

The resistances for water heaters: theoretical and practical operation
The resistances are fundamental components for the construction of electrical systems. In fact, resistors (also called resistances) are components placed in the circuits to oppose a specific electrical resistance to the passage of electric current. Although these components represent any users [...]

Hydraulic ball valves: characteristics, materials and production
Hydraulic ball valves represent the most common alternative that can be found within a plumbing system. The main element is constituted by the shutter which has a cylindrical hole: when the valve is open, the cylindrical section is arranged coaxially to the tube allowing the passage of the fluid [...]

Boiler safety valves do not always leak because they are faulty
The safety valve for the boiler is an essential automatic component for the system. Its main role is to prevent the pressure from rising above an excessively dangerous value, which is about 3 bar for normal wall-mounted boilers: if this value is exceeded, the valve acts automatically going to [...]

Stainless steel flexible hoses for water and gas
We have two types of stainless steel flexible hoses in the section dedicated on the company catalog of our products, and both are made of corrugated stainless steel and can be extended up to twice their original length. For the construction of these stainless steel flexible hoses there is used a [...]

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